Ross Bus Sales Leasing Program
Ross Bus & Equipment Sales, Inc has over 30 year's experience as one of the nation’s top transportation leasing providers.
Our leasing program can be uniquely structured to fit our customers needs, allowing for a timely vehicle replacement cycle so as to insure the safest and most cost effective student transportation available.
Please visit with one of our leasing specialist on how Ross Bus & Equipment Sales, Inc. can partner with you on all of your transportation needs.

Terms of lease can be adjusted to fit the needs of each district individually.
New and used buses are available for lease.

Advantages of Leasing: 

  • Leasing of just the buses is typically much more cost effective than contracting out the entire operation to a national fleet contractor.
  • Leasing allows the school board to maintain control of the bus fleet. By fleet contracting, the control of both the drivers and the buses is lost. 
  • By leasing buses, the drivers are still school board employees making recruitment of quality bus drivers much easier.
  • New buses can be added quickly without the long drawn out and sometimes contentious bidding process that is required for purchases. 
  • Leasing helps build board discipline on vehicle replacement cycles keeping the district buses with the latest in safety technology.  This reduces breakdowns and limits liability exposure. 
  • Buses are never over five years old.
  • Leasing makes future budgeting much easier since most cost is locked in for the term of the lease.
  • The district is only responsible for fuel, insurance and driver's salary.  That's it!  We take care of everything else.
  • For convenience, routine maintenance can be performed by local shops if necessary or buses may be brought to our facility.